User Experience (UX) & Graphic design

A bad User Experience (UX) can affect you negatively in many ways. Bad user experiences leaves a strong impression and can imply negative consequences among your visitors, and in the long round also for your company.

In a short term, an unlogical or unnecessarily complicated service can lead to a customer aborting their purchase. In a long term it can do damage to your brand and make your marketing fall before the finish line. This could cause you losing  customers to your competitors.

That is why it is important that all of your channels provides your customers with the most user friendly and approaching experience as possible. You should do this by assuming an User Experience and user centric design.

What is UX design?

UX-design has its main focus on user experience. It’s about making a website logical, simple and satisfying for a customer so they want to use a service or buy a product.

UX is an abbreviation of User Experience, and UX is often talked about as user centered design.

UX contains the most about people’s interaction with computers. It involves all aspects about a product or service, and how it is perceived by the user. Among others, it includes the knowledge of a user’s behaviour, which is used in conversion optimisation. It also involves graphic design which is proven to have a huge impact on how a user will perceive your products, services and the overall impression of the brand.

Why do we need UX design?

UX design can make every single part of your business more efficient. By working with your customers as a main focus you can create exactly what they are demanding. Using UX design minimises the risk of expensive engagements, and allows you to put your focus on the solutions that fits your target group. 

UX design & graphic design at Ateles

With Ateles you get access to leading UX and graphic design that will help your business distinguish in a highly competitive market.

●     We help you understand your customers and your company’s goals.

●     We map out how the typical customer in your target group behaves.

●     We make sure that the right services are in place, every step on the way.

●     We offer methods to control development projects, which makes it possible to focus on what matters.

●     We develop and optimise your services so they correspond to and exceed what your customer is expecting.

●     We will guide you to the right decision throughout the development process.

Our skilled designers will help you find the red thread and the unique parts of your brand. They make this possible by always having conversion and user experience in mind. Contact us to find out more.