Search Engine Optimization - What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization, SEO, is an online marketing discipline. SEO will attract visitors to your website through search engines. The aim with SEO is to make your website visible where your target group is. This happens by making the website reach high positions in the search engine’s result list, by using specific keywords and phrases that are essential for your business.

The biggest difference between SEO and other marketing strategies is that a successful search engine optimisation is earned rather than bought. Search engines, such as Google, uses algorithms to evaluate the search results so that the most relevant results will be at the top of the list. This means that the quality of the content on your website is crucial for you to succeed with SEO.

Why should you work with SEO?

By building your website with SEO in mind you have taken the first step to reach your target group, increase the traffic to your website and to generate high quality leads. However, SEO is not only about marketing. By working with SEO you will use principles that helps you create an informative, converted and user friendly website.

The value of using SEO should not be underestimated. Google, which is the dominating search engine, is the single biggest extern traffic source of all digital channels available. More than half of the traffic from an external channel to a website comes through Google. This makes Google five times more efficient than any other traffic source. Only because of this SEO should be a central part of your company’s digital presence. But, SEO comprehends even more. If you apply SEO correctly it will work both as a marketing method and as a service for your customers and visitors:

● Marketing: You will increase your visibility, improve your digital reputation and strengthen your brand awareness online by regularly be seen in the search engine’s search result list.

● Service: Since the basic principles with SEO means that you create an easy and user friendly website, you will make it simple for your visitors to navigate and find the information they need.

SEO services at Ateles

Ateles offers a number of services in SEO that will help you increase your digital visibility and operate relevant and organic search traffic to your website. We will help you find the keywords that are most suitable for your business and create the required technical qualifications to make your website rank high. We will optimise your content to make Google understand the website’s relevance and value.

SEO analytics – We help you understand your website

Our SEO consults will conduct analyses of your website to identify problems and improvement areas. The results of the analyses are substantial, prioritized plans of action showing how you can improve your possibilities to be seen in a search result list.

SEO specialists - our competence in your company

We connect your company with one or more of our proficient SEO experts that can give you continuous support on your current project. Our consults are offering analyses, quality assurance and project management to secure you reach your goal - both at a distance and at your business location.

Education in SEO

SEO includes building and maintaining your website as well as marketing. Due to this, it is invaluable to have the right competence in your company. We can help you with the education of your staff with customized trainings, workshops and personal coaching to make SEO a central part of your operation.