SEM – Search Engine Marketing

You need to use the digital channels as much as possible to be competitive in your area. When performed correctly, Search Engine Marketing (SEM) will be a vital part of your company’s digital presence.

Good-looking, sharply conducted and well optimized SEM campaigns will be an effective channel for your company. A channel that offers relevant traffic, branding and efficient selling at the same time you make it easy for potential customers to find your products and services.

What is Search Engine Marketing?

Search Engine Marketing, commonly known as SEM, means marketing in search engines. SEM covers online marketing that you pay for, and can be used on Google, Bing, Youtube and other related platforms such as Google Display Network and Google Shopping.

SEM is mainly consisted of ads which are shown in the search engine’s search result list. Advertisers bid on strategically chosen keywords that their target group is using in the search engines when they are looking for specific products or services. The advertises are shown next to the organic and “deserved” search results. Keyword marketing is based on a Pay-Per-Click model (PPC) which means that you only pay for the traffic that your ad actually generates.

SEM comprises different kinds of advertising types. The most common one is a text link with a description that looks like a normal, organic search result. These ads will appear above the organic search results. Through SEM you can also get Product Listing Ads. They offer a more visual alternative containing images and information such as product specifications, stock levels and prices.

Why should you work with SEM?

Search Engine Marketing is a fast and efficient way to reach people in your target group wherever their interest peaks. You will be visible at the right moment: when they are looking for the same services or products that you are offering.

We are living in a digital culture and people are demanding faster and faster results. SEM will work as an express way for your customers when they are engaged in your offer, and susceptible to your message. There is no other marketing channel that offers the same precision when it comes to catching the customer’s interest, which makes SEM one of the most efficient marketing channels you can use.

The speed of SEM is also an effective way to enhance your presence online. Unlike SEO, which often demands a longer period of time for results to be shown, your visibility will be based on where you want to be seen and how high you bet on your chosen keywords. This makes it possible to start competing about the clicks against your greatest competitors immediately.

SEM services at Ateles

When hiring Ateles you will receive support in managing your SEM by some of Sweden’s most experienced and competent consults. We help you establish a clear strategy, implement the plan and give you regular, profound reports on the result.

We meet your target group

Using interest data and information on digital trend tendencies we map out how your target group acts in the search result. When collected the information needed, we provide the ads with accurate messages and adapt your channel to make the best conversion possible.

Strategic advertising

Based on a large selection of advertising methods we produce a strategy that gives you the best result with your budget and conditions in mind.

Campaign optimisation

A campaign isn’t finished when it goes live. By using regular analyses and A/B testing we make sure the campaign grows and improves over time.

Analysis & Reporting

During the time of the project you get regular feedback on the efficiency of your advertising.

SEM training

Would you like to work with SEM within your company? Let us share our wisdom! We help you with coaching and educations in SEM, and they are always adapted to your company’s field and your active campaigns.