Product Information Management (PIM)

Your product information is a strategic and central asset for all your sales channels. It must be handled and used in the best possible way to create the best advantages over your competitors.

Working actively with Product Information Management (PIM) will help you to be more profitable by increasing your sales, reducing time-to-market and making your processes more efficient.

By investing in a powerful PIM system to support your working processes, you can handle your information in a more efficient and timely way and immediately get your markets to sales faster.

What Is Product Information Management (PIM)?

Product information management, usually known as PIM, is a form of handling information that is necessary to market and sell products through different distribution channels.

PIM usually starts with a centralized computer producing product information which is collected from different channels. It can be implemented using mobile, website, social media, digital advertisements or be in a physical store.

Information in an organization is often scattered between different personnel, departments, or even different systems. A PIM system centralizes all this important information, so it is available in the same place, always updated and ready when needed.

A good PIM system requires support from different geographical places, allowing multilingual data and maintenance. It then updates through a central catalogue, which allows an automated flow of information from all channels.

Why Do We Need PIM?

A PIM system will make all the processes involving information more efficient and secure.

Different parts of the organization are often handling different kinds of data, or variants of the same data, and the administration can also be in different systems. By investing in a PIM system, you will decrease the overall number of systems, and centralize the management of your information into one place that can be reached by the whole organization.

In the PIM system you can also create processes and workflows that include all internal and external roles within your organization, which will be individually customized for your organisation and its needs. The result will be that everybody can access identical updated information. It will make processes more efficient and secure quality on your flow of information, which will lead to reduced costs and increased profit.

●     Make the most for your clients experience. With a competent PIM system you can provide better and more consistent quality experiences for your clients.

●     Today, clients make demands for relevant and accessible information. Well-structured and detailed product data makes it easier for your clients to access information in a way that is more precise and contributes to increased sales.

●     By giving your customers as much product information as possible, you reduce questions to your customer service team, which will lower your costs.

Reduce the time-to-market

In today’s demanding and fast moving market, you constantly need to update your products, which demands a short time-to-market for any new products. As your catalogue is changed, the need for efficient handling of product information will increase, so that your costs do not increase as a result. A stable PIM system will work as a digital project manager for all these processes.

PIM is central to efficient work on several channels

With a PIM system, you create one common base of information for all your channels. When working on several channels at the same time, it is important to collect your product information in one central place. From here, you can administrate your information in a consistent manner, meaning it will always be up to date when you choose which channel to use it in.

Product Information Management With Ateles

Ateles has a wealth of experience relating to PIM. We know what questions will come up when you start your work and we also know the best ways to handle them. This makes us a stable partner for the strategic work that is required when implementing a PIM system.

With Ateles, you get all the help you need for implementing your new PIM system and setting up and securing the quality of your data flow. We will help you structure the working process in centralizing your product information and make sure that the final solution is customized exactly to you and your company’s needs.

We use Pimcore which is, without a doubt, the most cost efficient and powerful system on the market today.