Omnichannel & Unified Commerce

The encounter between a company and a customer is constantly changing.

▪ The location of the encounter has expanded to a market far outside the physical store, and nowadays it involves all the ways of communication and all the digital channels.

▪ The time for the encounters involves 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

▪ The amount of messages that people are subject to is constantly increasing.

▪ Consumers are smarter than ever before.

The competition of a customer’s attention has never been as tough as it is right now. That is why it becomes more and more important to interact with the customers according to their conditions; to be seen where they are, to offer what they are requesting and to make it as easy as possible to purchase through all possible venues.

The e-commerce of the future will take place wherever the customers are. Therefor, we need Omnichannel and Unified Commerce solutions to guarantee an unitary customer experience in all channels.

What is Omnichannel and Unified Commerce?


Omnichannel is about keeping all marketing together in an unitary strategy to all relevant channels. Omnichannel works by managing and treating all the channels according to how they cooperate and contribute to the entirety. The purpose is to guarantee a good customer experience in all channels, and to facilitate the customer’s journey to a purchase.

Omnichannel consists of both technical and strategic solutions and involves all the meeting points between a customer and a company. Omnichannel includes everything from physical shops and telephone services to social medias, apps and other digital channels.

Unified Commerce

Unified Commerce is a development of Omnichannel and means that all the channels are integrated and managed from the same platform. All the information is the same, is updated in real time and is available in all channels.

Why do we need Omnichannel and Unified Commerce?

Omnichannel is the most efficient way to keep the customer in the center of attention. You deliver the same message in the same ways in all channels, and make sure you meet the customers at their terms.

Unified Commerce helps you deliver the experience from Omnichannel to your customers by replacing all channels with a single market platform. Your new, centralized platform manages all of your encounters with the customers, both at the internet, in the mobile, in store and on social medias.

This opens up for new possibilities, both for your company and for your customers. For instance, it will be possible to make all price information, stock levels, offers and sales available wherever the customer is located. At the same time you get a platform for communication, transaction and order management that includes all the channels. This means that if a customer makes an order on social media it will go into the same system as if they make the order on your website.

Unified commerce simplifies the buying process both in a short and in a long term. It won’t only get easier to communicate with your customers, you will also receive a solution that makes it easy to change and add functionalities to your offer. And of course, every new function will automatically apply to all your channels.

Omnichannel & Unified Commerce at Ateles

With Omnichannel and Unified Commerce at Ateles you prepare your business for the customers of the future.

Our Unified Commerce concept is working on an API based platform where we easily can create new customer encounters on the web, in mobile apps, on marketplaces, in social medias and so on.

Your business partner in Unified Commerce

Beyond being one of the market’s best technical supplier, Ateles is also a business partner. We present the digital business strategy and make the journey together with you and your company.

We review which digital meeting places suits your business in the best way and create a strategy with all your channels in mind. Based on that strategy we propose the most suitable technical solution where your digital business will be able to grow regardless where you are right now and where you will meet your customers in the future.