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[ eCom tech ]

Based on market-leading standard platforms, we build a future-proof digital commerce solution adapted to your needs. We carry out smart integrations and give you all prerequisites to conducting a successfull digital business.

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_Omnichannel & unified commerce

eCommerce takes place wherever the customers are. Therefore, we need Omnichannel and Unified Commerce solutions to guarantee a unitary customer experience in all channels.



With the help of a flexible and user-friendly Content Management System (CMS), which is integrated with your e-commerce, you can work efficiently with the content of your shop and engage customers in the best way.



Working actively with Product Information Management (PIM) will help you to be more profitable by increasing your sales, reducing time-to-market and making your processes more efficient. A powerful PIM system enables you to handle your information in a more efficient and timely way.


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[ Growth ]

Traffic is the blood of all digital activities. Conversion is how your business becomes profitable. We help you to be visible, found and chosen by your target audience, and we do everything necessary to transform your visitors to customers.



The aim with SEO is to make your website visible where your target group is. Ateles offers a number of services within SEO that will help you increase your digital visibility and operate relevant and organic search traffic to your website.



You need to use the digital channels as much as possible to be competitive in your area. When performed correctly, Search Engine Marketing (SEM) will be a vital part of your company’s digital presence.

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Using conversion rate optimization and A/B testing we can seal the cracks in your website which makes you lose money every day. This is done by using data from real customers to improve your website to increase your sales.


_Influencer marketing

Using Influencer Marketing you can maximise the range of your brand. Influencer Marketing allows you to market your brand and products through famous and influential persons that are admired by your target group.


_Data science

Data Science offers methods that allow you to make smarter choices through data analysis. This provides the opportunity to find trends in your business and take timely actions that use them in the best possible way.


[ Creative ]


_UX & graphic design

With Ateles you get access to leading UX and graphic design that will help your business distinguish in a highly competitive market.

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Do you want to change your current branding, or do you have a whole new brand to establish in the market? Ateles will develop strategies for how to make your brand a success in the market and how it can be built and improved over time.

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_Content creation

Do you need help creating engaging content for your brand? Ateles offers content creation that will make your business stand out from the crowd. Content that will inspire and engage. We will then optimize and package the content to suit all your different channels.