Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing has many one of a kind advantages. The right cooperation with the right influencer will not only help you connect with your target group through a person they admire. It will also help you strengthen, develop and adapt your brand in a way your target group will love.

Using Influencer Marketing you can maximise the range of your brand.

What is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer Marketing allows you to market your brand and products through famous and influential persons that are admired by your target group.

An influencer is an official person who has an influence on a certain group of people, usually through their digital presence. It can be a fashion blogger who writes about fashion trends and gives hints on good clothes via instagram, but it can also be a marketing consultant who appears in fairs and talks about SEO in their Youtube channel.

When you start a cooperation with an influencer you get the opportunity to spread your brand and your products directly to the influencer’s followers, in a channel they already use. You can also associate your brand with the influencer’s profile to get an advantage from the trust they have created with their audience.

Why do we need influencer marketing?

There is no ad in the world that has the same impact as a recommendation from another person. We tend to trust people more than we trust companies, and we trust persons we admire even more.

The persons we call influencer are individuals who have a huge impact on their followers. This happens because they build up a solid, personal brand and strong relationships with their audience in different ways. These relations can be invaluable for brands that want to be seen within a particular niche.

Influencer marketing guarantees a precision and a confidence that no other channel can offer.

Influencer marketing at Ateles

At Ateles we provide you with the knowledge you need to reach your target group trough Influencer Marketing.

We help you obtain strategies and processes on how to maximise your current marketing with influencers in your area, in all available channels.

●       We educate you in how to build a valuable SEO via influencers

●       We produce guidelines for social media and how you benefit from influencers to maximise and pinpoint your range in the best way

●       We help you choose the right influencer and the right cooperation for your brand and products