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About Gina Tricot

Gina Tricot is the fastest growing fashion chain for women in the Nordic region and has a turnover of over 2.5 billion SEK. Since it was founded in 1997, the company has had an explosive growth and today it has 180 stores in five European countries and an extensive online sales in the European market.

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The project

The collaboration between Gina Tricot and Ateles started already in 2009 when Gina Tricot chose to set up a platform for e-commerce. The goal was then to develop a solution that not only was a sales channel to customers but also automated internal processes through integrations with the business and logistics systems.

By the end of 2017, Gina Tricot chose to further digitalize their commerce. In this new project, Ateles works with business development of Unified Commerce in order to increase digital presence and sales. The long-term goal is to digitize Gina Tricot's physical stores to create a unified customer experience regardless of sales channel, whether it's in store, online, mobile or in social media.


The solution

Ateles initially delivered a flexible and scalable solution based on Elastic Path with integration to business systems and all surrounding support systems. Ateles also developed an integrated CMS in Pimcore so that the content of e-commerce could easily be updated. Initially, e-commerce was launched to the Nordic countries according to schedule in April 2010. Until 2017, the solution has been implemented on 28 markets.

As the online department at Gina Tricot was limited, focus was on automating processes and integrating all systems to avoid manual work. Since the first launch, the online store has been constantly changing with added functionality that further increased sales and automated processes. 

Today, Ateles is a strategic partner to Gina Tricot for digital commerce and omnichannel/ Unified Commerce and has a dedicated team working with developing and increasing Gina Tricot's digital sales. The latest project means that Ateles takes on a holistic approach to Gina Tricot's digital commerce and becomes a PaaS-supplier where the platform from Elastic Path is integrated with PIM, CMS and DAM from Pimcore. For Gina Tricot, the new solution means that the digital commerce becomes scalable and easy to handle. Processes for campaign and product handling are simplified and it becomes easier to incorporate new touch points and store fronts.

E-commerce, omni-channel and digitization have never been more important than we currently have at Gina Tricot, and therefore we put great value in working with the right partners. Ateles has been our strategic partner since 2009, and over the years we have expanded our e-commerce to 28 markets and developed the majority of omnichannel solutions that integrate our sales channels. This has been made possible thanks to the fact that Ateles is an extremely dedicated and flexible supplier that can handle tight time frames and always delivers good quality.
— Magnus Månsson, CEO Gina Tricot

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