Data Science

Data Science offers methods that allow you to make smarter choices through data analysis. This provides the opportunity to find trends in your business and take timely actions that use them in the best possible way.

Almost every company harvests data that isn’t used, and if it is used, it is often in a very limited way. Companies that use their data to find solutions and possibilities have, therefore, a much larger advantage over their competition.

What Is Data Science?

Data science, or computer science, is an interdisciplinary area in science containing methods or systems used to analyse and collect insight from large amounts of data. The principles behind data science are a combination of mathematics, statistics, machine learning, AI and database handling.

Data Science & Business Intelligence for companies

In e-commerce and other private businesses, data science works as a support for the decision makers across a wide range of areas.

For example, it can be used to identify a company’s most valuable clients, where the data can then be used to create a tailored loyalty campaign.

It can also help with cost efficiency for specific marketing campaigns or for creating models for profit on new products.

Data science is, in many ways, a development from Business Intelligence. Business Intelligence, usually known as BI, is a method of analysing data that investigates problems by mapping what has happened and explaining how and why. Data science itself, comprises all these steps but is also about predicting what is going to happen next and how you should act on the information.

Why Do We Need Data Science?

Data science offers a more efficient and profitable activity as it provides the answers you are searching for. You are provided with reliable insights based on hard facts, that will lead you on the right path, and keeping you from making decisions based purely on gut instincts. You receive valuable information about problems and possibilities that enable you to make the right decisions at the right time.

This approach based purely on data, means that you can spend more time, money and focus on your daily work, and simultaneously make better choices and decisions.

The data that your company generates every day can be a goldmine if it is used correctly. Keep reading to understand more about how we can help you with data science.

Data Science With Ateles

By identifying patterns in large amounts of structured and unstructured data we can help your company to make more informed decisions.

With Ateles, you gain access to the highest level of competence on data science within the e-commerce industry, and all the tools you need to convert data into increased profit.

Customer Lifetime Value - who are your most valuable clients?

Knowing which clients are the most profitable for your company is one of the most important aspects of your business. Our consultants use the latest developments within machine learning and Artificial Intelligence to find the most important information about your best clients.

Product recommendations

We make sure your company understands how different products work together and about your customers buying patterns. This insight can be used for developing a more efficient and personalised way of marketing to achieve better results.

Business analysis

We utilise a fundamental analysis of your company’s position in the market and identify your biggest issues and also your greatest possibilities. This analysis leads to recommendations on how to find solutions and how to use your advantages to take your business to the next level.

Data science - education

We offer workshops where we teach about the most important and most useful aspects of data science. The type of education is adjusted to the level of knowledge within your company and can cover both basic and more advanced aspects. Among the subjects covered, you will learn about programming, like R and Python, and the most useful algorithms.

Customized solutions

Our consultants look ahead at the developments in data science and will adjust each project to suit your business and your prerequisites. If you are interested in any subject outside our core content, it is possible to make a customized project to suit your individual requirements and needs.