Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) & A/B testing

Your website loses visitors and customers every single day, often completely in vain.

Some of your visitors might need a more visual content before they decide to make a purchase. Some might need more clear information about the products and dropped out when they couldn’t find it. Some might not understand how your e-commerce works, and therefore they leave their chosen products in the basket without proceeding to checkout. Some of them maybe didn’t see or understand your advantageous offer and weren’t attracted to carry their purchase through.

Using conversion rate optimization and A/B testing we can seal the cracks in your website which makes you lose money every day. This is done by using data from real customers to improve your website to increase your sales.

What is Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)?

Conversion Rate Optimization, CRO, is about converting as many visitors as possible.

“Conversion” can have different meanings. To explain it in the easiest way: it’s about converting a visitor into a customer. But really it is about making a visitor do what you want them to do. So, it can be about making someone sign up for a newsletter as well as it can be about making someone download an app or buy a product.

A/B testing: The single most important tool in CRO

The most common and most useful method for conversion rate optimization is to use A/B testing.
A/B testing is about finding out which of many possible solutions is the most efficient one.

A/B testing on a website is conducted by choosing two different versions of the site at the place where you want the visitor to perform a certain activity, for instance to make a purchase. During a predetermined period of time half of the visitors will be directed to version A, while the other half will be directed to version B.

During the test you collect data from real visitors and the data will show you which version of the website generates the highest conversion rate.

Why do we need CRO?

Conversion rate optimization is necessary to guarantee an efficient website and a profitable business. 

CRO is the art of converting visitors to customers and customers to ambassadors, which will blaze a trail to increased incomes and a profit.

A/B testing is a powerful tool to increase the conversion rate, since it will make you find the solutions for your website’s design to make you reach the best results.

Working actively with CRO and A/B testing means that you never take anything for granted. You get a foundation based on collected data that is supportive when you are about to make a decision for your website. You also get the methods, tools and processes to continuously improve your products and services.

CRO & A/B testing at Ateles

At Ateles you get conversion rate optimization that will help your company reach the next level.

We help you identify the problem areas and the improvement opportunities in your design, based on how your customers are behaving on the website.

We also strive to find the places on your website where you lose customers, and prioritize what necessary actions need to be done.

Hypothesis – Testing – Optimisation – Repetition

We create hypotheses about the design that converts the most, which we later verify by using A/B testing. Our hypotheses are based on customer behavior, the collection of data, design praxis and cognitive psychology.

We generate A/B testing, refine your website and give you suggestions on new A/B tests. With this you create a loop for conversion rate optimization that will give you a much more competitive e-commerce solution over time.

It is easy to chose design based on real data. And we promise you, it’s worth it!