CMS For E-commerce

With the right CMS it is easy to create interesting and living e-commerce.

When buying gets more complex, the demands on any company also increases to deliver great client experiences. Today’s consumers expect more than just service. They are not only buying a product, they also want:

●     Direct access to great product information

●     Inspiring content that creates context

●     Good design and user-friendly functionality

●     Simple cashout systems

The content on your website is of the highest importance in creating an interesting and immersive experience to meet your clients needs.

With the help of a flexible and user-friendly Content Management System (CMS), which is integrated with your e-commerce, you can work efficiently with the content of your shop and engage customers in the best way.

Increase your sales and efficiency with a competent Content Management System that is fully integrated with your e-commerce. Contact us at Ateles today.

What Is A CMS?

CMS, short for Content Management System, is a system that handles and publishes content online.

The purpose of CMS is to simplify the content and information on a website. This, among other things, automatizes any manual labour as much as possible. It also provides administers, web editors, developers and other personnel with user-friendly information to simplify the overall publishing process.

Why Do We Need CMS Specifically For E-commerce?

To have a competent, flexible and user-friendly CMS is a centrepiece for efficiency in your business.

With the right CMS, it is extremely easy to handle and publish content where you need it the most, which will decrease time taken by editors for changes required to your website.

At the same time, you get the opportunity to implement inspiring conversion functionality to increase your sales.

Make work on your content more efficient and optimize purchasing experiences

To create interesting e-commerce experiences for your clients you require a system that allows you to work flexibly on your content. With a powerful CMS, e-commerce managers, marketers and editors can create improved dynamics to guide customers through their shopping experience. A good CMS allows you to optimize buying experiences on different units and in different contexts.

Search engines - optimize your content

One of the most important reasons to improve the quality of your content is to make your website rank highly on search engines. With an easy and user-friendly publishing tool, your staff can also put their time to use on smart strategies for search engine optimized content and quality. 

Store your media assets in one place

Storing your media assets, or Digital Asset Management (DAM), is something that is getting more and more important. As the content on your e-commerce site grows, so do your digital assets. To make handling these files more efficient, they should be stored in a mutual media bank that is connected to your CMS. Then they can be easily located, used and re-used by everyone working on your e-commerce.

CMS From Ateles

With Ateles, you get a CMS system specifically customized for your business and 100% integrated with your e-commerce systems.

With a CMS from Ateles, your content management will be more efficient and publishing will access powerful functions and CMS tools. You are guaranteed a good-looking, user-friendly website on both mobile and desktop. You can also implement functions to give customers the opportunity to shop with an inspirational experience.

This way you will increase conversion and create an extensive e-commerce site that customers can find easily through search engines, and one they will also return to.

Guarantee a good purchasing experience on desktop & mobile

Our CMS offers tools to make it easy to design your website to look great and function well on both mobile and desktop.

Let your customers shop right from your inspirational page

With this CMS, Ateles integrates your e-commerce to allow your customers to shop directly from both the inspirational pages and content sites. This will help you position your products in an appealing context which will, in turn, increase your sales.