Ateles offers several services for strategy and pre-study based on which phase you are at with your e-commerce venture. Read more about the services we offer to suit your needs.

eCommerce Ready

Ateles pre-study eCommerce Ready is aimed at you who are planning to start an e-commerce business and need help with mapping out how this will affect your organization and which ROI you can expect for the venture.

eCommerce Audit

Ateles eCommerce Audit helps you who already have an e-commerce website and want to identify problem areas and want help to priorities your improvement efforts.

eCommerce Study

Ateles offers a pre-study service to you who have or are planning to start an e-commerce business. We help you define and specify your demands on the e-commerce to establish how you will take it to the next level.

PIM Ready

PIM Ready is a pre-study for those wanting to work actively with Product Information Management (PIM). Experienced advisors from Ateles will help you identify how your organisation will succeed with PIM.