Ateles adopts a comprehensive approach to your e-commerce venture and offers services that include everything from strategic advice to development of custom made solutions and management


Ateles offers a number of strategic and pre study services based on which phase you are with your e-commerce venture. Read more about the services we offer to suit your needs specifically.


E-commerce has been Ateles’ niche since we started in 2001. We customize solid e-commerce solutions based on standard platforms that will help our clients prosper.


We complement and integrate our e-commerce platforms with competent PIM system which helps our clients streamline the operation, increase sales and reduce critical “time-to-market”.


Ateles fortifies the e-commerce platform by developing and integrating CMS-systems in addition to e-commerce. This way we make the e-commerce workable for our clients so that they can easily work on creating positive and dynamic experience for their customers.


When the e-commerce moves in to the brick and mortar store and the customers’ purchase process gets more complex we help our clients to turn the e-commerce in to an integrated part of the complete sales.


Functional, qualitative and seamless integrations are determinant for a well functioning ecosystem around your e-commerce solution. Ateles has long, comprehensive experience of executing solid, high-quality integrations, which will ensure the best possible functionality


Ateles support ensures that our clients maximize the potential of the implemented e-commerce solution and harness its functionality to reach all premeditated goals.