The retail sector has developed significantly when it comes to e-commerce and omni channel. This development is essentially impelled by the consumers’ altered shopping pattern. Nowadays, customers expect to be able to shop at anytime and through any channel. At the same time, the retail sector is an area that is very vulnerable due to changes in the state of the market and the fact that today’s consumers are both well informed and disloyal. This leads to high demands on retail operators to be able to swiftly adapt to altered conditions and provide short time-to-market for new products in order to satisfy the customers’ need for supply as well as experience. A flexible technical infrastructure of highest quality is needed to successfully meet the expectations of such a demanding market.


Integrated channels are a key to success


To treat e-commerce as a separate area of business is a dated strategy as e-commerce infiltrates all channels today. Today e-commerce is expected even in the brick and mortar store. Competent digital channels represent strong competitive advantages for the retail operators on the current market to lead their customers through the purchase process and to create an effective organization. Those who invest in optimization and integration of all channels will be better prepared in the battle for customers. This is how competitiveness is secured today and in the future.


Ateles goal is always to deliver innovative state-of-the-art solutions to ensure that our clients who wish to have a leading edge always get top-quality from us. We custom make comprehensive overall solutions adapted to each client’s unique need so that our clients get a solution that is suitable for their conditions. Ateles has extensive experience and we work closely with our clients within the retail sector to help them have a successful e-commerce venture.



"In the fast-changing retail market it is necessary to have a flexible e-commerce business that is easily adapted to the customers’ new and mutable behavior"

Jonni Harrius, CEO, Ateles

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