PIM Ready

In our pre-study PIM Ready, we map out how your company can become more profitable by working more efficiently with your critical product information.


When a company's business grows or you want to reach out to your customers through new channels, the need and work effort increase in order to maintain and offer the right product information. Ateles pre-study PIM Ready is for those who are not yet actively working with Product Information Management (PIM).


The most important thing in a preliminary work is that we can familiarise us firmly with your processes in order to understand your business in depth. Together with representatives from different departments within the organisation (usually market, IT, E-commerce and sales), we conduct a workshop where we get to know your challenges and goals. We identify how your offering and sales cycles look like and how work processes and product information support them.


Mapping out your processes

We make sure that you in the best way maximise the value of your product information by identifying existing work processes and roles (internal and external) involved in the work on creating, enriching, and publishing information about the products. We also go through the existing system support as well as bottlenecks that the company sees in the existing work process. We define how a PIM system streamlines existing processes and develop a proposal on how the new work processes should look like. Here we primarily focus on how you can operate in order to maintain multiple channels such as e-commerce, website, web-to-print, etc.


Mapping out information sources and channels that are going to use the information

Here we identify which information sources that you have today will feed the PIM system with data, as well as whether you should include new ones. We additionally look at which channels utilise the product information today in order to see how the new processes and system support will support all of these. In this plan, we also include the channels that you are planning to expand with in the near future.


Identify your needs and opportunities

Ateles determines the company's different needs when it comes to maintenance of product information. We also help you to identify and highlight new potential opportunities with a PIM system that were not previously apparent.


Recommendation of a system set up

Based on the unique needs of your organisation and your specific workflows, we give a recommendation on how to best set up a PIM-system.


Visualisation of new infrastructure

To clearly visualise which place the new system support will have in your existing IT infrastructure, we create a new system map with descriptions of information sources that should be integrated, as well as how this should be done.


A clear picture of the current and future states

More efficient work processes

Recommendation of the system set up that best fits your organisation

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