Make your organization more effective and profitable with the help of a Product Information Management system


A Product Information Management system helps you become more profitable by increasing sales, reducing time-to-market and streamlining your processes. Your product information is a strategic and central asset to all your sales channels, which must be managed and utilized in the best possible way to obtain competitive advantages. With a competent PIM system you will be able to manage your information more effectively and more frequently whilst getting your products out faster to all channels.


Increase sales and reduce costs


By having a competent PIM system where you are able to enrich the basic information you receive from the business system, you will have the possibility to create positive and dynamic customer experiences. Today, customers are demanding relevant and readily accessible information. You will be able to provide your customers with easy access to well-structured and extensive product information, which will increase your sales. By providing as much product information as possible to your customers you are also reducing the number of inquires to your customer service and hence reduce cost.


Reduce time-to-market


In today’s demanding and fast moving market you need to frequently update your product range and this requires short time-to-market for new products. As your product range must be replaced, and expands, you need to manage your product information effectively so that your costs are not increasing uncontrollably.


Increased efficiency and quality assurance for processes regarding information management


Very often different departments within the same organization collect different or a variety of the same information and administer it in different systems. By investing in a PIM system you reduce the number of systems and centralize the information storage, which makes it readily accessible to your entire organization. This results in that everyone has access to identical and updated information, the processes are streamlined and the quality of your information is ensured, which in turn is leading to reduced costs.


PIM strengthens your omni channel venture


When you are working with a number of channels it becomes even more important to collect and process the product information in one place. With a PIM system you administrate your information in a consistent way and ensure that it is always updated before you choose which market channel you want to publish it to.




With a competent PIM you can smoothly send information in the PIM system to InDesign to easily produce product catalogues for marketing use. You save a lot on both time and costs.


Ateles has extensive and comprehensive experience of PIM and vast knowledge regarding the questions that arise when you start working with the structure and centralization of your product information. This makes us a reliable partner in the necessary strategic work around the management of your product information.



“With a PIM system you meet and personalize the information from the customers across your various channels. Your information is managed in a cost effective way whilst you reduce time-to-marked and increase the profitability”

Jonni Harrius, CEO, Ateles

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