As an independent supplier we have chosen partners who are market leaders in third party solutions and e-commerce platforms. They produce products we can integrate, build on and around to develop our solutions

eCommerce and PIM Platform partners

Elastic Path is a solid and flexible platform. It is scalable, has an open source code and good functions for multi store solutions and a patented API solution. Ateles has a strong collaboration with Elastic Path on the Nordic market. After many years of collaboration we have launched many successful projects in both Sweden and Norway.

Magento is one of the fastest growing e-commerce platforms on today’s market. Ateles is a partner with Magento and has several certified developers on the platform. On and around Magento we develop our own products and services for you as an e-merchant. We noted Magento’s potential already in 2007 when we were the first ever in the world to launch five web shops based on Magento’s e-commerce solution that was in 0.8 Beta.

Litium delivers products and services within web, product management and e-commerce. Litium Affärskommunikation AB was founded in 1998 and has since then helped over 700 clients with new web-based shops. Litium has offices in Jönköping, Stockholm, Helsingborg, Shanghai and Lviv.

ePages is the leading supplier of web shops for small and medium-sized companies with hosting in the cloud. For clients with existing ePage solutions we help you modify and manage your e-commerce solution for you to harness its full potential. Ateles has a long-standing collaboration with ePages and is their leading partner in Scandinavia.

Pimcore is a powerful and user-friendly publishing content management tool (PIM). Pimcore’s solution can easily be integrated with e-commerce platforms like Magento and allow trading in several channels at the same time. In 2010 Pimcore was awarded the prestigious title Most Promising Open Source Project Award. Ateles is Pimcore’s preferred partner in Scandinavia.

Business Partners

IFS is a world leading supplier of component based business systems, developed on open standards. Through a flexible business system the customers’ capacity to make the right decision is improved, which makes the business more effective. Ateles and IFS has a long-standing collaboration and together we have developed several connections between IFS’ business systems and our e-commerce solutions. Ateles is today alone in offering a complete integration to IFS. We can easily develop a connection between IFS and the chosen platform.

Evry is one of the largest IT-companies in the Nordic countries in supplying consulting and operation services within IT infrastructure and business systems to organizations in the Nordic countries. Evry is Ateles’ leading business partner in Norway.

Bring has a unique position in e-commerce logistics on the Nordic market. They offer a complete set of services adapted to both e-commerce supplier and end-consumer. All companies that do not have logistics as their niche should outsource these services. Delivery time and alternate delivery methods are turning into consequential competitive factors in e-commerce.

E-commerce Partners

Klarna is a leader in invoice based payments and is one of the most common methods to pay online today. Klarna is used by over 15,000 e-merchants and 9,000,000 end-consumers. The e-commerce company Kreditor stands behind Klarna.

DIBS payment solution has fourteen years of experience in helping e-merchants sell and charge. DIBS offers a number of payment methods like card payment, direct payment and invoicing. They are the leading supplier of payments solutions for digital commerce on the Nordic market and they are constantly expanding to other markets.

Elvenite supplies qualified consulting and support services to companies that want to streamline their business processes and maximize the use of their business systems. Regardless of ERP, CRM, social intranet or business intelligence, more and more clients are choosing clever solutions from Elvenite.

Skrill is a world leading online payment gateway and has currently over 135,000 affiliated entrepreneurs. Skrill’s payment network offers more than 100 payment alternatives supported by 41 currencies covering 200 countries and states.

Ateles collaborates with MailDirect, a perfect complement to all kinds of digital dispatches. With MailDirect’s tool for e-mail marketing you produce digital newsletters, invites, surveys and sms campaigns. You easily reach existing and future customers, build long-term relations, create sales opportunities and provide excellent service.

Avail Intelligence sells software for analyzing behavioral merchandising on the web in order to generate additional sales and personalized experiences. Through collaboration with Avail Ateles can offer the clients greater value to their e-business, which can increase the sales significantly.

Availo offers everything from advanced server operations to small web hosting services. Availo is part of Phonera Group. Availo is Ateles’ partner for server operations and web hosting.

Ateles is, as the only Nordic e-commerce supplier, a certified partner with Zend. Zend has contributed to establishing PHP on which over 200 million applications and web sites are built on today. Zend’s flagship product, Zend Server, is the leading application for developing, distributing and maintaining business critical applications in PHP. More than 40,000 companies worldwide today use Zend’s solutions.

Apsis believes in the power, the potential and the possibilities of e-mail subscriptions. Our solution for newsletters and e-mail marketing, APSIS Pro, is the most used solution in the Nordic countries. Presently we have offices in seven countries where 180 employees help 6,000 clients worldwide.

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