Increase the sales with integrated sales channels and consistent customer experience


Today it is crucial that companies integrate all sales channels, both physical and digital, to create a synergetic outcome and consistent experiences for the customers. Today’s consumers make a journey crossing different touch points and it is vital that they are met with the same information and same high level of service across all channels. The customer can research on the mobile phone whilst in the brick and mortar store before the sale is finalized at home on the tablet and the product is collected in store. To lead the consumers through the entire shopping purchase has never been as demanding as it is today.


Give your customers seamless experiences across all channels


Ateles has developed many solutions over the years where the customers are met by the same experiences across all channels. They can initiate the purchase in one channel and easily proceed and finalize it in another, which creates a positive customer experience. With our substantial experience and knowledge we help you create an omni channel solution which will accommodate the customers and give them a seamless experience across all channels.


Effective and high-quality omni channel architecture


In order to execute your omni channel strategy it is imperative that your operational systems are integrated correctly. Information and data will pass through all systems and to make this flow effective it is crucial to have a stabile and well-designed architecture, as this will ensure accessibility to complete information across all channels. We have long experience of integrations and architecture work and we will ensure that you have optimized how all your operational systems are connected. We generate an effective structure able to support your business needs and execute your omni channel strategy in the best possible way.


Effective work support


When we implement support for your omni channel venture your employees are able to work more effectively with all channels. By working integrated instead of in silos with your channels, you will get collaboration between the departments, which increases the effectiveness. This is an essential contributor to making your omni channel venture more profitable.


Best-of-breed products as comprehensive overall solution


Ateles works exclusively with best-of-breed products that we integrate and custom make to suit your company’s unique needs. We develop a top-quality solution for your omni channel venture based on the best products from every sector available on the market.

“Omni channel is about placing the customer at the center, making the channels collaborate whilst optimizing the experience in each channel and lead the customer to finalization”

Jonni Harrius, CEO, Ateles

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