For manufacturing companies it is a constant challenge to maintain the competitiveness in expanding international arena where price is considered as the major competitive factor, often in the favour of foreign business operators. One of the greatest challenges is to continuously shorten time-to-market, to be able to make adjustments in real-time plus deliver quality goods to customers. This leads to shorter time from order to payment, which will allow better cash flow.


E-commerce for operators in this sector to a large extent acts as promotional display windows for the end consumers while strengthening their relationship with the retailers by providing them with quality products- and assortment presentations, training and tools they need to boost their business. By implementing a well-developed strategy for how your own sales channel should cooperate with the retailer’s sales channels the challenge can be overcome by putting the valuable retailers out of the business and instead giving them added value. When you have an e-commerce business that is adapted to the information need of the different groups, you can create a digital solution that works as cement between all parties and obtain a synergetic outcome.


Ateles helps clients in the manufacturing industry to use digital channels to increase the sales, cement customer loyalty and streamline the business to ensure competitiveness today and tomorrow.

“E-commerce is a potent additional sales channel for operators in the manufacturing industry and it can strengthen the ties between both retailers and end consumers”

Jonni Harrius, CEO, Ateles

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