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In order for your e-commerce solution to work as efficiently as possible it is imperative that surrounding systems are of the highest quality. Today the numbers of operating systems and applications are growing whilst becoming increasingly advanced. It puts higher pressure on the integrations that are creating prerequisites for these systems to communicate and operate well together today as well as in the future. Qualitative and solid integrations are determinant to support your business processes. An integration of inadequate quality may cause you to lose en entire day’s sales or that your employees suddenly don’t have a functioning infrastructure to work in and your costs will skyrocket.


Ateles has extensive experience in developing seamless, solid and secure integrations between the systems that make up the ecosystem surrounding your e-commerce solution. We have executed integrations of over 100 different systems on the market in all encircling categories like ERP, POS, PIM, CMS etc.


Integration strategy


When it comes to integrations it is essential to have a clear executional strategy. In a pre-study phase we identify present and future goals and based on the results we help our clients develop a strategy for handling and implementation of integrations based on the established business needs. Internal systems to be integrated and systems from external partners such as payment gateways and logistics are always taken into account. Our focal point is always to develop a technical infrastructure from a comprehensive approach that supports our clients for many years to come and help them grow with highest possible profitability.


“In order for a company to focus on the core business it is imperative to automate the processes. You will achieve this with high-quality integrations between the various business systems”.

Jonni Harrius, CEO, Ateles

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