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We help you with your strategy and develop a solution proposal for how you should bring your e-commerce venture to the next level


For you who already have an existing e-commerce business or are about to start an e-commerce business and need help to lift it to the next level we offer our service Ateles eCommerce Study. Based on your goals and needs we help you identify and visualize how you should make your e-commerce venture even more successful with new/improved solutions. With an initial workshop we collect demands to get an explicit view of your goals and needs. Based on these needs we develop a prototype for you to have a clear picture of how our suggested final product will operate and for you to feel that the solution fits into your business. When the solution is defined we finalize it by determining the integrations to support system that must be implemented in order to obtain a well-functioning overall solution. We believe in getting as far as possible already on the pre-study phase with establishing a tangible suggestion for a solution that can easily be implemented in the organization, making the new solution as successful as possible. 


To ensure that correct solution is developed

A solution that can easily be established and clarified to the internal organization

Solid and comprehensive data to estimate the timing of the main project

“It is necessary to have a thorough pre-study to define the scope of the project as clearly as possible and establish the solution within your organization. It is crucial to make the project successful from many angles”

Jonni Harrius, CEO, Ateles

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