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We help you establish the existing possibilities and challenges in your organization to obtain a successful e-commerce business


It is a complex task to start an e-commerce venture within an existing business. It probably entails modifications of your organization or parts of it in order for the venture to become successful. In order to get the desired ROI for the project, it is important to identify a clear strategy and goal for the new venture. With fifteen years of experience in e-commerce Ateles offers a service that will elucidate your strategy for you to avoid the common and costly pitfalls. That means that together we elucidate your business, define the scope of your project, make your offer concrete and review how your organization will be affected by the new venture. We also map out possible systems what should be integrated with the e-commerce and review any possible data of relevance we need to take into consideration. Our pre-study service eCommerce Ready is designed for you who have not yet started with e-commerce business and want to map out what is required to obtain a successful e-commerce venture.


Defining why you want an e-commerce venture and what you want to achieve

A survey of how your organization will be affected

Background material to initiate the demands of your future e-commerce solution

“During our pre-study eCommerce Ready we work together with the client to identify a suitable solution for e-commerce and what the Return of Investment is for the identified area”

Jonni Harrius, CEO, Ateles

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