eCommerce Audit

Let us have a qualified review of your e-commerce website to identify which areas you should prioritize in your improvement work


Ateles eCommerce Audit is designed to serve as a tool when identifying and prioritizing areas for improvement in e-commerce sites. Keeping an e-commerce site updated means that the site must be under constant modification. It is a work in itself to decide what part need improvements, how to improve and in which order these improvements should be prioritized. With Ateles eCommerce Audit we do a thorough independent assessment of the ten most important areas of your e-commerce site. With our Audit we analyze important functions in these categories using a number of references and give them weighed points. This gives you a structured and lucid overview of your site’s potential for improvement.


You will be provided with an evaluating report with marks, an assessment that highlights which areas need an urgent improvement as well as a structured background material for further suggestions to solutions. You save time from the otherwise time-consuming process of investigating what you need to do and instead you can put your time and effort into improving the identified areas. 


Highlighting of areas for improvement

Structured background material for further solution proposals

Saving time that can be put into execution instead of identifying problematic areas

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