E-commerce has grown from having been a separate area of business to being an important sales channel and pillar to the company’s other sales channels. Nowadays, a serious investment in e-commerce is a necessity for the companies that wish to remain competitive. Regardless of whether you have your primary sales to B2C or B2B segments, e-commerce represents a powerful channel for both marketing and sales. To be able to use the full potential of e-commerce, it has to be well integrated with the other sales channels in order to create a synergetic outcome.


Boost your sales


By investing in e-commerce, you have the potential to increase your sales in several ways. E-commerce represents a new sales channel where the customers have the possibility to purchase goods and services from you around-the-clock whilst you can expand and explore the potential for other markets. E-commerce is also supporting the brick and mortar store where the customers can get access to information such as your stock on hand in your other stores or the possibility to explore alternative products.


Create better relationships with the customers


By providing your customers with greater flexibility on how they can purchase and examine your goods, the loyalty to the existing customers increases whilst you reach out to new, potential customers. Through e-commerce you are offering your customers insight to your stock on hand, delivery time and the possibility to track an order which will increase customer satisfaction. You will be able to use data from previous purchases and searches to create custom made and personalised experiences which will give your customers a more comfortable shopping experience, designed individually to suit just him or her.


Streamline your internal operations


E-commerce is an excellent tool to support your internal processes and streamline your operations. Your employees get a satisfactory system support for their work whilst several of the processes are automatised. B2B operators in particular will see great cost savings from the increased effectiveness that e-commerce brings to a customer service/sales office as the customers are no longer required to place their orders over the phone. 


We are pursuing a comprehensive approach to your e-commerce venture


Ateles has the competence to help you all the way with your e-commerce venture. We offer strategic services where we help you establish how you can bring an existing e-business to the next level or what the requirements are if you are planning to start an e-business. We develop solid, comprehensive e-commerce solutions for you and we help you with management and further development to ensure high standard of your e-business today as well as in the future.


Custom made e-commerce based on “best-of-breed” products


Ateles focuses on creating solutions for e-commerce that are customized for our clients’ unique needs. From market leading standard platforms such as Magento, Elastic Path and Litium we realise the customisations and integrations of system support that are necessary in order to give our clients successful e-commerce ventures. With this key to success you get a solution for your e-commerce based on “best-of-breed” products, optimised to suit your organisation’s unique conditions. In return, this leads to short time-to-market and you benefit from the Scala advantages that standard platforms provide.


E-commerce has been Ateles’ niche since our company started in 2001 and we have delivered over 200 successful e-commerce projects to over 100 clients which makes us one of the most experienced suppliers to the Nordic market.


“Third generation’s e-commerce is not free-standing, it is a contexture with other sales and a central part of the omni channel strategy. Today the demands and expectations on e-commerce are very high and it is presupposed that trade can be undertaken anywhere, at any time”

Jonni Harrius, CEO, Ateles

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