The possibilities for an increase in sales and efficiency are huge for the operators within wholesale and distribution when venturing into e-commerce. By offering the customers access to a site on the web where they can buy products around-the-clock from a unique product range with special prices both buyer and seller become more efficient in their sales-/purchase processes. Custom made customer profiles are linked to existing agreements between buyer and seller to ensure that agreements are honored.


Possibilities to additional sales


Personalization is a big trend within retail and B2C commerce and it is equally valuable to operators within distribution. Sellers use available data and can work proactively with offering the customers products based on previous purchase history. This gives added value and creates loyalty.


More efficient warehouse management


Through collaboration between subcontractors and wholesalers, customers are able to place an order with the wholesaler before the product has been manufactured. This means that companies can offer a far wider range to their customers whilst reducing the tied up capital.


Ateles helps operators within distribution to utilize the potential of e-commerce to increase sales, increase customer satisfaction as well as streamline the business.

“For operators in the competitive distribution sector, an e-commerce venture is palpable to increase customer loyalty and create competitive advantages”

Jonni Harrius, CEO, Ateles

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