Increase sales and efficiency with a competent Content Management System that is integrated with your e-commerce platform


The demands on companies to deliver rich customer experiences are increasing. At the same time the customers’ visits become more and more complex and need to be adjusted to both entities and contexts. The content of your e-commerce is highly important in order to create an interesting and engaging e-commerce website that meets your customers’ various needs for information. With the help of a Content Management System (CMS) that is integrated with your e-commerce site you can work efficiently and flexibly with the content of your web shop in order to engage your customers in the best possible way.


Work more efficiently with your content and produce optimized experiences for your customers


To create interesting experiences in your e-commerce and lead your customers through the shopping process you need a system that allows you to work flexibly with the content. eCommerce Managers, marketers and editors can produce a dynamic e-commerce site and work efficiently with the contents when using a powerful CMS. A CMS also allows you to optimize the experiences in various entities and contexts.


Let the customers shop directly from the inspirational pages


With the CMS that Ateles integrates with your e-commerce site you can let the customers shop directly from the inspirational and content pages, which increases the conversion rate.


Optimize your content for search engines


One important reason to work with the content of your site is to get high rankings in search engines. With a user-friendly publishing tool through your CMS you can make sure that you put your energy into creating high quality content for your website.


Store your media assets in one place


Storage of your media assets or Digital Asset Management (DAM) is getting increasingly important. As the content of your e-commerce site is growing, the digital assets are growing as well and together they form the entire content. To streamline the management of the files you should keep them in unified digital media storage through your CMS where they can be easily reused and retrieved by others.


With the CMS system Ateles customizes and integrates with your e-commerce site, you streamline the content management and publication process and let the customers shop directly from content and inspirational pages. This way you increase the conversion rate and create a substantial e-commerce site your customers can both find in search engines and want to return to.

“Today both marketers and editors need efficient and competent tools in order to work easily with dynamic content of the e-commerce site. A powerful CMS is the best investment to get the best prerequisites to do so. In turn, both sales and profitability are affected positively”

Jonni Harrius, CEO, Ateles

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