Success Stories

Some of the biggest companies in the Nordics rely on us for developing and implementing their eCommerce, PIM and Omnichannel solutions

E-commerce is a business critical project that should be taken seriously. To be successful you need a strong anchoring, dedication and the will to venture. It was important to choose a partner with high competence and the ability to familiarize themselves with our business processes, integrate other systems and took an overall responsibility. Ateles could do all of this. After several phases of pre-studies and a review of a prototype of our future solution Ateles had gained our trust.

- Terje Bredesen, Glava


Glava is a market leader in Norway in construction isolation, roof and technical isolation. The Glava Group has a turnover of NOK 1,3 billion and has more than 400 employees. Glava is known as an innovative operator in the B2B segment.


Professional purchasers are also consumers. It is therefore a requirement that e-commerce solution in B2B segment is at the same high standard as the customers are used to from their shopping experiences in B2C commerce. Glava acknowledged this at an early stage and realized that they had to make investments and offer new services to their customers if they were to maintain their position as an innovative company. They chose to develop an e-commerce aimed at professional customers who were buying from Glava’s sales office.


The solution was an e-commerce based on Magento with a customer login and integration to IFS. Glava’s customers now have the possibility to place orders on the Internet without having to call Glava or visit a brick and mortar store. The customers have suited profiles tied to their individual deals and a customer-adapted interface. In the e-commerce they have an overview of existing and previous orders and can download updated product information. In combination with the sales office the new e-commerce will contribute to higher customer service and a more efficient working day for Glava whilst they maintain their position as an innovative B2B operator.


New sales channel

Better service to customers

Higher competitiveness and higher efficiency